Im a female rapper that goes by the name of CA$H-SHAY and i’m several years into my music career. I live in Atlanta Ga and have been surrounded by a lot musical talent, i’m currently with Hood Affairs Ent who has been an important element to the hip hop community.

Hood Affairs Ent has worked with Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Future, and so many others in the music industry. When we met they recognized that I have a flow like no other, a distinct voice , and can talk bout a wide range of topics. We’re confident in my talents and know that the music contains real content. These are some of the things that build longevity.

I like the fact that i’m not compared to any other female rapper which means that there is a wide open lane and a market for my music. I’ve currently been working on my catalog of music and networking with artist, industry tastemakers, and my fanbase.